viernes, 31 de julio de 2015

Stealing the Bride

The story of Elspeth and Hayden was my first Highlander ebook. Perhaps I shouldn't have started with a novella. There is a lot to learn in these types of stories - clans, lairds, church rules, what is handfasting, border fights, etc. I enjoyed it all, but it moved along quickly. Hayden was super sexy and I liked Elspeth's sassy personality.

Mary Wine can write action scenes very well. That is for sure.

The story kind of took an odd turn with the "stealing the bride" section. It wasn't developed fully and the reader is moved past this quickly. Odd. If that is the title of the book I expect it to be more significant. And did one of the male characters have a peep hole into his sisters' bathroom? Eeew. So for that - my rating may fall closer to 3.5.

I will read more by Ms. Wine. I think a full novel will show me just how great this sub genre can be.

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