martes, 31 de marzo de 2015

Before the Moon Rises

Perhaps I don't read enough were fiction, but I was so happy to see a rich werewolf. Max Ritter doesn't live in a shack in the woods, a compound, or a village in Alaska. Nope. He's a stinking rich dude living in a mansion in LA! Nice.

Finally a Rich Werewolf!

The story was fun, sexy, and action packed. I enjoyed the nurse angle and the witty banter between Max and Janet. A fun couple. The overall story of 'good versus evil wolf packs' was a bit rushed. Enjoyable, but I didn't get into it since everything unfolded quickly.

Thank you for the fun Kindle freebie. Great Wolfe fun. I will read more by this author since I liked her writing style and sense of humor.
This title has been offered as a freebie by the author quite often. Click here to see if it is still free.

It is also a part of a series - although this title wrapped up completely.

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