viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

The Battle of the Brooklyn Bridge (Kindle Single) by Will Bunch

This is why I LOVE my Kindle here we are getting on location telling of what really happened just a few short weeks ago. Here in our hands we can see and hear what Occupy New York was all about.

Unfortunately I could not travel afar to participate in this moment in our history. This Kindle Single gives you great insight of the people who stood up to be heard and fight the good fight against greed.

We get introduced and some background on some of the brave who stood up for us, and we get some history behind the movement. I'm sure everyone has heard and seen bit and pieces of the event in the media. So do yourself a favor and get the whole story here. Knowledge is power and this my friends will enlighten you and make you be proud to be part of the 99% .

The Revolution Starts Now.

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