miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2014

Baby Teeth: A Blood Calling Novelette by Joshua Grover - David Patterson

Wow what a creepy concept for a story! A little evil, baby vampire.

The title gives the impression that this may be a prequel to a novel. I don’t believe it is. After reading the descriptions for Blood Calling and Mercy it seems Baby Teeth is a stand alone short story.

Patterson had me guessing and slightly freaked out from beginning to end. Bravo. I enjoyed his writing style and will definitely check out some of his other titles.

The ending = fabulous. It couldn’t have ended any other way.

My only complaint is the various story elements didn’t seem to fit or flow well. We read a long passage explaining the father’s life as a carpenter. While this section moved the story along time-wise, it didn’t add much to the vampire dilemma. Near the end, a female vampire in briefly introduced. This section also seemed odd and thrown in.

All in all I really enjoyed Patterson’s imagination so much that he makes me want to read more of his work.

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