domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014

Monster in the Mirror

This review refers to the first short story, Monster in the Mirror

I was looking around my Kindle list for a short story to read this afternoon when I stumbled across Monster in the Mirror by M. J. A. Ware. I thought I'd sample, it, but it was moving along at a brisk pace and before I knew it, I was finished!

The quick finish was partly because it is a very short story, 150 locations. We're talking about a ten minute read; good for a lunch break. It's difficult to write an entire, interesting story in such a short space, but MJA Ware pulled it off. There's a little gotcha at the end where I wasn't quite expecting the ending, but the setup was all there. Well done.

I hate to give a short story 5 stars because I really like a little more *meat* to a story, especially one that has pulled me in so well. The only reason I can think of to deduct a star is the short length and that isn't a good reason, so 5 stars it is.

Recommended for a quick Halloween read.

Note: The version I downloaded (I have no idea where or when) contained only the short story. The latest version on Amazon contains two additional shorts and excerpts from some longer works.